Men of Faith, It’s Time to Step Up For Our Sons

Primal Path The Primal Path Blueprint
5 Steps to Become the Intentional Father Your Son Needs

Dads, you can do this.

As a father, do you ever feel like…

You’re losing your son to the teenage pressures of the world?
You want to disciple him but you don’t know where to start (or how to get his “buy-in”)?
Time is flying by and pretty soon your son will leave the house and it will be too late?

This blueprint contains everything you need to know to “get it right” and hold your head high the day your son leaves home.

Written by Jon Tyson, who…

  • Serves as lead pastor of Church of the City in Manhattan
  • Intentionally discipled his own son, Nate, every day from age 12-19 to prepare him to be a man like Christ.
  • Created the Primal Path Discipleship Program, a community of hundreds of fathers across the nation devoted to playing the primary role in their sons’ formation.

Want a quick look at what’s inside before you sign up?

Here’s everything you will learn:

lesson 1
Why Your Son (and the World) Needs You Step Up as an Intentional Father
lesson 2
How to Mine Your Life to Become a Source of Wisdom for Your Family
lesson 3
Mapping a Primal Path That Prepares Your Son for the Day He Leaves Home
lesson 4
The Importance of Initiating Your Son Into Manhood (and How to Make it Fun)
lesson 5
How to Recognize and Bless Your Son (So He Lives From It, Not For It)